The Good Samaritan

My husband so patiently takes me to Curves each morning to work out, after which I walk my two miles down Academy Boulevard. One day on our way up Academy, we saw a man trying to push his SUV uphill (the hill that I walk down on my morning walks). He was making almost zero progress pushing his vehicle uphill, as his wife was trying to steer. John parked our car, and got out to help. Now, John is over 70 so even with his help, they made very little progress. Cars coming upon them were not looking ahead, and would swerve to miss hitting them from behind while they were pushing. To be honest, it was terrifying. I immediately starting praying... fervently. Lord preserve them. Take care o

Jesus is Lord

Walking along Academy Boulevard, I go past this bus stop bench proclaiming that Jesus is Lord. Since I noticed that first one, I have noticed several of these benches all over town. Bless you Charis Christian Center for spreading the Word all over town. We continue to lift up in prayer your rights to free expression through this bus bench outreach. It is easy to call Jesus our Savior but quite another thing to call Him our Lord. The difference? When we accept Jesus, we are aware that He died on the Cross for the sins of the world...for our sins. If we believe that He is the Son of God and died for us, if we believe in Him, we can be assured of salvation and that our sins will be for

Why do we have rules?

As I walk along my mapped out route to my destination at Constitution Avenue, I am often slowed down waiting for lights to change. It seems so senseless to wait while the lights go through their cycles when there are no cars coming. So at times, I look both ways and then trot across to be on time to my destination. Then I began to think about it. They have rules for a reason and that reason is for my own safety. How dare I push and disobey the set rules, even if they seem senseless! What right do I have to disobey the laws of the land or of God…..Now if the laws of the land are contrary to God’s laws and rules it is a different story, but crossing lights certainly are not in that categ

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