Things May Not Be What They Seem

While walking the Boulevard, I always passed a little bush. From a distance, I saw delightful blooms outlining the everyday commercial pavement and businesses. But when I got closer and looked deeper, I detected stickery dried out needles, unpleasant to the eye and touch. Life has many similar lessons. Sometimes we see things that seem to be great, that turn out terrible, and sometimes things seem to be not so good but in reality are great. An example in point was a well known popular evangelist we were enamored by. He drew great crowds and had an extensive following. When asked to speak at a conference, he was given the opportunity to stay in the Caribbean in a sweet guest house owned by Ch

Be Grateful

As I walked along the Boulevard, I noticed lots of dandelions springing up amongst the green blades, trying to claim a space of their own. They were nourished and flourishing, and spreading offspring of tiny fluffs floating on the breeze. Owners and gardeners bane and neme- sis. Onlookers sense of beauty disturbed. However, on the other hand, they proved that there is enough moisture for life. The green grass studded with yellow nuggets should be our impetus for gratitude. In our past mission trips to Mexico, in Juarez life existed in a virtual desert. Not a blade of grass or yellow dandelion dressed the shacks made of cardboard located in the dumps. If we face a severe drought, dandelions w

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