The Enterprise Zone

The Enterprise Zone lets you receive a tax credit equal to 25% of your cash gift to Crossfire Ministries, Inc. The minimum amount of gift that can be given through the Enterprise Zone to receive this credit is $250. You will receive a tax certificate from El Paso County Enterprise Zone for tax purposes. (Colorado Income Taxes Only)

How to receive the tax credit through the Enterprise Zone:

  1. Make your check payable to El Paso County Enterprise Zone. Credit cards are not accepted for this tax credit.

  2. Reference " Crossfire Ministries" on the memo line of your check

  3. Include on a separate sheet either your social security number, or your Colorado Account Number with your donation (this is a new state requirement, please see below)

  4. Send check to: Crossfire Ministries, PO Box 9650, Colorado Springs, CO 80932-0650

How to Get Your Colorado Account Number

  1. Go to

  2. On the left click on: Create login ID and follow steps to create an Individual account number



Crossfire Ministries will complete the necessary paperwork and submit the check to the El Paso County Enterprise Zone, you will then receive a certificate for tax purposes. Note: Crossfire Ministries will need your SSN and email address to complete processing.