Why do we have rules?

As I walk along my mapped out route to my destination at Constitution Avenue, I am often slowed down waiting for lights to change. It seems so senseless to wait while the lights go through their cycles when there are no cars coming. So at times, I look both ways and then trot across to be on time to my destination.

Then I began to think about it. They have rules for a reason and that reason is for my own safety. How dare I push and disobey the set rules, even if they seem senseless! What right do I have to disobey the laws of the land or of God…..Now if the laws of the land are contrary to God’s laws and rules it is a different story, but crossing lights certainly are not in that category.

We are often tempted to tweak the commandments of God in order to satisfy our own will and desires. We think we can take a little liberty here and a little liberty there. It won’t hurt anyone. We keep the major rules. We won’t murder but we say unkind words that kill the spirit. We don’t steal from the store, but it won’t hurt to steal a little time from our employer. God won’t really mind if we take His name in vain. But what do these little disobedience's say about our heart?

God knows that if we feel it in our heart, it is the same as if we do it.

Breaking rules is a form of rebellion and self-will takes no thought of others, even if it is only in our heart.

We occasionally have people who come into our mission who do not want to follow the rules we have established. Some willingly comply. Others do not. If they disagree, some may still comply but do so with a bad attitude. Others may react by yelling or stomping out. Sometimes they put negative comments on social media. We believe that modest dress for both ladies and men is directed by God and we have established that policy for everyone at Crossfire. We also don’t think vulgar talk or language is God honoring. I am sure many people disagree with these policies and are accustomed to using swear words and dressing with no restraint. That is certainly their business in their own lives but we believe that in our ministry, that all that we do, see, and say must be God-honoring. That has been our policy from the beginning 24 years ago. However, sometimes it is difficult to determine what is modest and what is not because people have different standards by which to judge. But we move along doing the best that we can, doing what we think will honor God.

So…..in taking a stand in these areas, we may make individuals angry who are used to being able to have their own way in all that they do or say. Our society and culture has moved more and more to the place that people do not feel that they have to follow the policies and rules over them.

They feel it is their right to do as they please, even if it is offensive to those around them. Our services are available to all. We do not deny our services to anyone because of race, creed, religion, color, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, ancestry, or age. This is our expressed anti-discrimination policy. Anyone that comes in and says they have a need, we give them an equal allotment of food and necessities, as we have them available. We only ask that those who enter adhere to our policies, including modest dress and verbal restraint if they want to use our free services.

John 14:21 - He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him. KJV

Lord, help us to do your will in all things. Help us to follow your direction and commandments, even when the world comes against us. Help us to bridge the anger of those who disagree with us and still be able to show them your love. Help us to be kind and considerate of the feelings of others. If we fall short, show us how we might better serve you. Lord, give us the right words to use and the wisdom to know when and how to use them. God be with us and protect us in all things. In Jesus name. Amen.

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